French Basque Country

The Basque Country is divided by a border between Spain and France. This border is, however, nominal, as the same people with the same language and culture live throughout the region. Today we will discover “the Northern territories” as the Basques call this part of their land (Iparralde).

We will start our day in Bayonne, today´s cultural centre of the French Basque Country. The heart of this city is the union of two rivers, the Adour and the Nive. The water divides the city into districts, each with its own character and history. The streets of this almost 2000 year-old city hide a hoard secrets and unexpected stories.

The next stop is Biarritz, the city that attracts many surfers and history lovers who want to walk along the same streets as aristocrats and bourgeois of the past. The stunning beach is a draw for a lot of celebrities today, just like it was 150 years ago. Strolling along the streets lined with luxurious villas from that time, it is not difficult to understand why they choose to visit Biarritz.

Our next stop is the small town of Saint Jean de Luz. This charming village resembles something from a fairy tale, with its bay and its century-old houses. This small and little-known town became the location of French king Luis XIV’s wedding. The memory of this event still lives on here.

экскурия в сен жан де люз