Today if one thinks of Spanish wine, one thinks of La Rioja wine. The wines from this region are the best known among all the wines made in Spain.

In today´s tour, we are going to discover the history of wine making, as well as two methods of producing wine.

We start in a large commercial winery – here we will see the classical method of winemaking, called “the French method” in La Rioja. We will follow the production process and learn about it in detail. Tasting of two wines is included!

After that we will drive to the beautiful town of Laguardia. This is listed as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Along its streets only the electric cables remind you that these houses, many of which date back to XV and XVI centuries, are equipped with modern facilities..

Here we will visit a unique small family winery. They make their wine in the most traditional way, by carbonic maceration. And, of course, we are going to try some!

To complete your experience, I suggest you have lunch in one of the most picturesque restaurants of the region which boast fine local food.